The Southern Scum crew hosted their fourth annual Too Cold to Blade Outside competition at Riot Skate Park. James, AK, and I took Luke Naylor, Luke Rappa, Zach Savage, and Zac Straight down to the bluegrass state for one hell of a weekend.

    A quick six hour drive had us in the heart of Kentucky by Friday evening. We settled into our hotel rooms, then hit it to the skate park for the rest of the night. Riot’s owner, Floyd, was kind enough to let us shred the empty park until about one thirty in the morning while he kept the cassette tape soundtrack bumping.

    Saturday morning we woke up early enough to smash the continental breakfast, then we set off for the day. We dropped the kids off at the park, and took off for the state’s capital, Frankfort. At seventy-three degrees and sunny, our trip to Buffalo Trace Distillery was sublime. 

    Visiting Buffalo Trace is a must-do pilgrimage for any bourbon lover. As soon as we arrived on the campus the we could smell the corn-mash filled air. An hour long tour had us feeling as if we had stepped back in time. It was like Greenfield Village for adults.

    After a delightful bourbon tasting, we were primed for the contest. "Too Cold" hosted a super cool marketplace. We were able to peruse various booths that highlighted one of my favorite facets in blading, a hands-on DIY effort where individuals are creating their own brands and concepts to share with our growing community. It was a great showing, and it is super cool to see so many people excited about blading.

    Competitors were shredding the course long before the competition started, so the day felt very action-packed. Fifty-five bladers registered, it was an excellent turnout. Dudes from the south, midwest, and east coast came out in droves to destroy the course. Even I competed and had a great time doing so.

    The action continued into the night, and the finals gave us quite the show. Jimmy Spetz happened to be celebrating his birthday; it was his party, and he’d shred if he wanted to. The Anthony brothers built a huge triangle box that added some needed volume to the park, and encouraged huge ariel tricks from Jon Cooley and Luke Naylor. Carson Starnes and the Artist Formerly Known as Jordan Dale found very unique ways to destroy the course; they utilized supports and building framing to blow the minds of the spectators. 

    It is worth mentioning that our brother, Brett Urbas, won TCTBO3 last year. Brad and Chad Anthony were gracious enough to let his memory live through their best trick award, the Brett Urbas Best Trick, judged by the MTC and FID crews. Many amazing tricks went down, Scott Hatton laced a huge back royale to alley-oop soul transfer, Carson did a fast plant wire stall to topsoul transfer, Matty Shrock crushed a very “Brett-esque” full-cab alley-oop fish brain, and Jim Spetz did a 270 back torque to drop soul. However we felt, by way of a vote, that Thomas Martin won best trick with a very unique bank to true-top porn variation that caught the entire crowd off guard. We rewarded him with a fifth of Buffalo Trace bourbon, and a limited press, colored vinyl edition of “Show No Mercy”, Slayer’s debut album.

    After all was said and done, Carson, Jon, and Jimmy emerged as the victors, in said order. Tired, worn, and battered we hit the highway and disappeared into the night, homeward bound. Quiet and content, we sifted through the various rock and roll radio stations and static on the airwaves to create our soundtrack. The seven of us filled the car, and Brett filled our hearts. Thank you Kentucky, Southern Scum, and rollerblading for bringing us so much joy. We had a blast.