I was super pumped to head to Ollie’s Skatepark in Kentucky for the Too Cold To Blade #3 contest. Having moved the classic to June, we were freed up to make a mid-winter blade journey as we had in our younger years. The Anthony brothers over at Southern Scum were poised to host a badass event, and we sure as shit weren’t gonna miss it.

    Per blade agenda, the plans James and I had made were thrown a curveball. So i regrouped and headed down to the Bluegrass State alongside B Weis, Zac Straight, and Bret Urbas, with the infamous Paul Urbas as our guide. Bourbon was a must.

    Paul picked up Brian and I early Saturday morning. It was still dark outside and absolutely fridged. I’m quite certain everyone except myself was under the impression that our petit rental car was powered by cigarette smoke. We made it through Cincinnati and into Kentucky in no time. Our hotel room soon became an ashtray with beds, and we all settled in.

    Ollie’s is a super rad BMX style skatepark. The dudes settled into the park well, shredding late into the night. Everyone shredded until contentment was achieved, and in a conga line of blader-filled cars, we hurried to the closest liquor store to get booze before some zany, back-woods, county law ballerblocked our ambition. B Weis & I brought everybody back to our room for the quintesstial winter blader party: twenty-one dudes wasted in a frozen hotel room. We probably should have went to go shoot pool, but then again, fuck it. 

    We woke up early and ate at a fake Big Boy before we made it to the park. The competition had a great turn out, with a good show of heads from crews as far away as Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, and the east coast. It seemed like tons of people made a great effort to show up. Fucking Eric Hallimen drove a couple hundred miles just to make certain that Luke Rappa had a life. Not only was the level of blading high, but attitudes were as well. In addition to the main event, #TCTBO3 hosted a miniramp competition, and a line competition. So the creative format was refreshing too.

    Maybe it was the Kentucky water, or maybe it was the weed, but something had these Detroit bladers on some shit. B weis took the line competion, as his unique eye gave way to a sick roll, gap, soul, toe-roll combo that had us all cross eyes. Brett is on some new-age, all desert only diet, which must have led to him slaying the miniramp comp for the win there. He went on the take the main event as well. He fought to remain dominant on the blue Southern Scum box. When Bret noticed that dudes weren’t backing down easily, he went blind and gapped out of the street course, over a fence,  to the little kid, s boarder side. Too wild.

    We made it back to Detroit safely later that night. The Too Cold To Blade Outside competition was so fun because it felt fresh and brand new. The future of blading was definitly present in Kentucky that weekend. I look forward to seeing the momentum build at Pow-Wow 9.